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The Health Foundations Starter Kit

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Medically Gas-lit By My Doctors… and Still Struggling

Thousands of people are falling through the cracks of our dysfunctional medical system with “mystery symptoms.”

Brain fog. Chronic Fatigue. Autoimmune issues. Chronic pain. Hormone dysregulation. Thyroid problems.

Doctors tell them, “it’s all in your head”...

They are left with no relief. No care. Often no hope.

If this is you or someone you know, this may be the most important message you read all year.

Tired of Missing Out On Life

Until they see me, many of my client's symptoms are so bad they can’t hold a job.

They can’t go to their kids' soccer games or have a normal social life.

Many can’t keep their house clean.

Many can’t keep their house clean.

They bounce from doctor to doctor...

 “Everything looks normal, you're fine.”

They are missing out on life.




You Can Get Your Life Back - I’ll show you how. 

Since opening my practice, I’ve dealt with the most challenging cases nobody else could help.
For many, I am the last doctor they need to see.
I am the last stop on their health journey.


Because I learned the hard way.




My Story

Dr. Jaban Moore

When I was 25, my body shut down.

I went from strong, fit, and healthy to weak and exhausted. My mind couldn’t focus.

It was a struggle just to make it through the day. I almost gave up on life.

I tried everything to fix myself.

Western medicine, functional medicine, chiropractic, natural medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, muscle testing…

But nothing worked.

They told me it was “all in my head.”

That’s when I found a doctor who found the root cause.

Within 3 weeks of working with him, my symptoms started to disappear.

The experience was painful, and it completely changed how I see health.

It opened my eyes to the big picture of “mystery symptoms.” It gave me my “superpower”

I Cracked the “Mystery Symptom” Code

When I started to practice, people began referring me all the hardest cases nobody else could help.

Somehow I would get transformational results where every other practitioner had failed.

I didn’t understand it.

So I started asking questions…

….what was missing? Why was my approach working?

Why was I different?

The Health Foundations Missing In Modern Healthcare

After dozens of conversations and hundreds of questions, I discovered most health professionals had gaps in their knowledge.

Maybe they had the diet part but didn't understand mold...

 They knew about nutrition but did not understand how trauma affects health . . .

 They maybe knew about advanced testing but not dental toxicities . . .

At the core of my success is a small set of foundational knowledge, tests, and practices.

After helping 6000+ people get their life back, I wanted to find a way to help even more people

What You Get In the Health Foundations Starter Kit

What the program holds for you:

I put all of my most essential recommendations to my clients in my $10k program into a single, affordable, easy-to-use resource.
That is what you get in the Health Foundations Starter Kit.
It is a complete set of tools, tips, and practices to restore vibrancy, boost energy, and reclaim your life.
It is organized into 4 modules:

  • ​Restoring Your Nervous System
  • ​Transformational Mindset
  • ​Detox Your Life
  • ​High-Impact Biohacking Practices

Module 1: The Nervous System

Your nervous system is more than “just” a brain and a spinal cord.

It is how you feel and how you show up. It’s the quality of your moment-to-moment experience of life.

Are you relaxed and present? Or agitated and distracted?

Are you jumpy and anxious? Hypersensitive? Lethargic and slow?

Your nervous system contains all the conditioning you’ve experienced over the course of your life.

The practices we’ll be getting into can create HUGE shifts in your health.

Your nervous system is the key to getting these changes to take root and blossom in your life.

You'll Discover:

The role of emotional trauma in “mystery symptoms” and proven ways to release it

Simple techniques to retrain your brain and rewire your nervous system for relaxation and happiness

14 shocking symptoms of “limbic system dysfunction” and what you can do to work on them.

Everything you need to know about Neurofeedback and how it can help with anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, chronic fatigue, and more

13 vagus nerve exercises to feel more like yourself and create a healthy gut-brain connection

Module 2: Mindset

In 10 years of practice, I’ve found there is ONE difference between clients who struggle and those who thrive: MINDSET.

Most doctors won’t talk about this, but I believe it’s essential. If you don’t believe you can thrive, you won’t.

This module is about resilience and perseverance.

I will share the core habits and ways of thinking that fuel your motivation to get well, grow, and THRIVE.

You'll Discover:

How to change the script of negative thoughts

Why TRUST is the secret ingredient to transforming your health

How the toxic effects of victimizing yourself sabotage your health journey

Uncommon advice for handling challenging family dynamics around health

Do affirmations really work? I’ll give you the biological truth I’ve seen in my practice

A simple 2-minute practice that can change the way you experience the world

Module 3: Detox Your Life

This is the single most impactful module of the entire program.

There is so much conflicting information out there.

What should you focus on? What tests should you get? What are the most common sources of toxicity in your house?

I’ll help you cut through the noise and share the exact recommendations I share with my private clients.

Sneak Peek...

I’ll cover everything from mold toxicity to food quality and diet. From water purity to sleep. Common sources of radioactivity to hidden toxins in everyday hygiene products.

You'll Discover:

Why you should NEVER try to get rid of mold with bleach, and what to do instead

​The 2 tests I recommend for uncovering hidden toxicities in your body

​The most common (and little known) spots where mold can slowly poison you and your family

​14 shocking symptoms of mold toxicity most practitioners misdiagnose

​The 6 travel hacks I use EVERY time I stay somewhere new

​Deadly dentistry: how modern dental practices can cause chronic illness… and what you can do about it NOW

​Common sources of radioactivity hiding in millions of homes

​Why clean water is my #1 priority for my health,, and my top recommendations for water purifiers

​The top 3 health hacks you can control with just a few key purchases

​Are you cooking with endocrine disruptors? How your cookware can destroy your health and what to use instead.

​The REAL reasons you may not be sleeping well (99% of practitioners don’t even know about these)

​The truth about so-called “histamine intolerance” and how to manage it

​PLUS… most relaxed, common sense dietary advice you’ll ever get from a healthcare professional

Module 4: Biohacking

This is a collection of some of the most powerful practices I know.

These give you fast health wins you can feel almost immediately.

Together will help you strengthen your foundation as you begin going into the deeper work of the program.

Exclusive Bonus!

13 Guides to Transformational Health Practices

Simple, easy to understand, and practical guides to high-impact health practices Including:

  • Red Light Therapy
  • ​​Fasting
  • ​Cutting Edge Health Technologies
  • ​Detox Protocols
  • ​​Infrared Sauna
  • ​EMF Protection

You'll Discover:

An inexpensive, time-tested remedy to detox your liver and enhance lymph flow (I recommend this to ALL of my private clients)

A simple shift to your morning shower routine that increases growth hormone, improves your immune system, and strengthens your gut-brain nerve

A scientifically proven breath pattern that lowers cortisol, boosts your mood, and regulates your nervous system

How this simple EMF experiment can help you get deeper, more restful sleep every single night

Are you often tired-but-wired at night? Or maybe you wake up exhausted in the morning? My 1 Week Cortisol Retraining Challenge will transform your energy

Exclusive Discounts for Cutting-Edge Health Technologies

I negotiated exclusive discounts from companies on the cutting edge of healthcare.

You can save hundreds of dollars on the best transformational health technologies in the world.

The Beginning of the End of Your Health Journey

The Health Foundations Starter Kit is the beginning of the end of your health journey.

Just keep in mind this is just a step on the path.

But only YOU can walk it.

How Long Are You Willing to Wait to Get Well?

Just $250